The CARG Laptop

This is where I document the building of the CARG Laptop – the cheap-ass retro gaming machine.  I take a HP ProBook 6460b and turn it into a machine for 80’s and 90’s games.  Enjoy!

  • CARG Laptop – Hardball! Hardball!

    The computer game environment in 1985 was changing. Society had moved through the various clones of Pong, Space Invaders and Pac-Man. Text adventures were slowly advancing to include graphics (leading to the high-water mark of Sierra games such as Kings Quest). No-one knew where it was leading, so everything was on the table.

  • CARG Laptop – Networked DOOM Networked DOOM

    One of the groundbreaking things about DOOM was its ability to ruin networks.  It became so commonplace that companies such as Intel and Carnegie Mellon University explicitly banned the playing of DOOM on its networks.  According to the DOOM FAQ put out by id Software, “In 1994, we fully expect to be the number one […]

  • CARG Laptop – Meet Your DOOM DOSBox and DOOM

    The CARG Laptop now has DOSBox installed, so it’s about time we introduced some games to it.  But what to select as the first game?  Something iconic, something legendary, something influential.  And something that tugs at the heartstrings of many a gamer.  CARG, meet DOOM.

  • CARG Laptop – Fusion Box Fedora 26 Desktop and Menu

    After the installation of Fedora and associated updates, it’s time to start installing DOSBox, our first application that will run the retro games we want to play.  In order to do that, we need to configure some additional software repositories (or “repo’s”) to allow access to additional software.  So let’s get into it!

  • CARG Laptop – Retro Gaming Comes Cheap Fedora 26 Cinnamon login screen

    After watching LGR’s video about building a retro gaming machine with other YouTubers, I saw in the background many games I fondly remembered from my youth. And seeing how other retro gamers do their thing inspired me to give it a shot as well. Because who doesn’t need another YouTuber aimlessly babbling on about days […]