Tech History

The history of computers is full of wonderful systems and incredible people.  This is where I try to give them their dues.

  • Version 7 Unix, the Research Unix ancestor of all modern Unix systems Tech History – UNIX

    If you have never heard of the UNIX operating system, I don’t think I am going too far when I say it’s the greatest operating system you’ve never heard of. And if you have heard of UNIX, you probably know how influential it has been across the tech environment.  Here is a brief history of […]

  • Linux 3.0.0 boot Tech History – Operating Systems

    A Brief History of Operating Systems This is a look at a history of the development of operating systems, from the earliest computers to the present day. Various points of reference will be made as I recall significant things about whatever time period or operating system we are up to. But first, we need to […]