CARG Laptop – Hardball!

The computer game environment in 1985 was changing. Society had moved through the various clones of Pong, Space Invaders and Pac-Man. Text adventures were slowly advancing to include graphics (leading to the high-water mark of Sierra games such as Kings Quest). No-one knew where it was leading, so everything was on the table.

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Musicology – The Cure’s In Between Days

Some things you hear about 80’s music is true.  Bands would go out of their way to create the biggest hair possible.  Reverb on drums was expected.  Quirky filmclips stood out.  Neon highlights or accessories were mandatory.

There were also some important moments in music during the 80’s that are still felt today.  Can you imagine a world without Madonna?  Where would filmclips be without Thriller?  Could we Rick-roll without the Rick?  Live Aid would not have happened.  Some amazing things happened, and some great music was made.  And some of that was made by my favourite band of all time, The Cure.

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