Photo Post – Ice Hotel, Quebec City, 2010

Ice Hotel - Snow Bear

In 2010, I was fortunate enough to go visit Quebec City, one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited.  The highlight of my time there was visiting the Ice Hotel.  While I did not stay overnight, I got many photos to show some of the best features of the structure.

About the Ice Hotel

The Ice Hotel is made from ice and snow, and is built in sections over the first weeks of winter.  The entire complex was finished by the time I got there in mid-February.  It included the Welcome Hall, Bar, and (from memory) around 25 rooms for guests.  A chapel is included as part of the complex, in additional to some igloos and a museum dedicated to First Nations peoples from the area.  About half of the rooms had very detailed artwork made out of snow and ice in the room.  The lighting in those rooms really highlighted the craftsmanship on these temporary masterpieces.  All rooms came with Nordic sleeping bags, so you stay quite warm while sleeping.  Several rooms with fur “mattresses” on the beds, while four or five rooms had wood heaters inside them.

Why Is It Different Now?

Each year the Ice Hotel is rebuilt due to seasonal change, so what I saw would no longer be standing.  The hotel is somewhat small, so additional nights’ accommodation can be booked at the permanent hotel just outside of the walls for those staying longer than one night.  You can find out more about the Ice Hotel at their web site.