Interviews & Opinion Pieces

Here is a showcase of some interviews I have hosted.

The first interview I ever did was with Gustaf Huth, a Swedish goalie with the Melbourne Ice in 2014. Being my first interview, the audio isn’t that great but for a first effort, it’s not too bad.


For the 2014 AIHL season, I did game reviews for the River Road Hockey site.  In this game, the Melbourne Ice lost to the Sydney Bears.  This was a lot of fun to make, and I think all the editing was worth it.  You can find more videos like this on the River Road Hockey YouTube channel.


This video was done to promote the Elite Junior Academy program.  The brief was to focus on the coaches and the program, which is why there is minimal music and why I don’t appear in the video.  Editing this video was a challenge as the location was next to a busy road, with trucks and trams passing occasionally.