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Chalmada King camp kitchen

Home is where the heart is, and the kitchen is the heart of the home. If you love camping, you love your kitchen. And you’ll always be at home.

As you can tell from elsewhere on this site, I love traveling.  When heading down to Phillip Island, my partner and I camp out and enjoy nature.  But we do have to eat, and having well prepared and well cooked food goes a long way to enjoying time away.

Having a look around the market, I found camp furniture tends to fall into two categories: high quality, high cost and easy-to-use furniture, or low-cost, temporary, collapsible furniture.  I have the tastes of the former, but the budget of the latter.

To fill this gap, I started making camp furniture for myself, and I figure it would be something other people would be interested in as well.

Note: Stove, cutting board, utensils, pots, pans and food shown in the video and images are for demonstration purposes only, and are not included with the unit.  The stove shown here is a Spinifex 2 burner Compact stove, however the unit can be customised to suit if you have a different stove.

Speaking of customisations …


Building these units from scratch allows for plenty of customisation:

  • Fold-out benchtop to the left or right (the video and photos show a right-folding benchtop)
  • Stove to the left or the right (video and photos show the stove to the right)
    • Check which side your stove has gas fitting access
  • Minor dimensional changes
    • Stove dimensions
    • External dimensions up to 850W x 430D x 350H


The video shows a unit finished with stain and varnish, which protects the unit while allowing the natural grain of the wood to shine.  It is always a good idea to protect the unit further through the use of cutting boards and table cloths (tea towels or beach towels work well for smaller areas).


Base unit: $300

This is as shown in the video, finished with stain and varnish.  This includes any customisations from the list above.  You can buy the unit right now through my eBay item listing.

Additional Extras

Cutlery Drawer: $50
Removable Shelf or Canned Food Dispenser: $50

Note: The removable shelf and the canned food dispenser fit into the same location, so you cannot choose both.

Shipping: Calculated on demand

Units are shipped to you by courier.  Alternatively, you can arrange collection from Melbourne.

For more information

If you would like a camp kitchen like this built, send me a message and we can design something together to suit your needs.