AIHL Data Sheets

AIHL Data Sheets present historical data about an Australian Ice Hockey League game in an easy-to-read format suitable for journalists and media personnel.  Developed in conjunction with media outlets, the data sheets enhance game broadcasts and match reports by providing additional, relevant information.

What Features Are There?

Features of the data sheets include:

  • On-demand generation of reports via web interface
  • Player statistics (for current season and career)
  • Current season comparison (goals scored, goals allowed, power play, penalty kill etc)
  • Statistical review of the last time the two teams played each other
  • Rudimentary coverage of each teams’ last game
  • Head to head statistics between the two teams (going back as far as 2005 in some cases)

Do You Have Sample AIHL Data Sheets?

For a sample of a data sheet, you can download one from early in the 2017 season here.

Want to know more?

You can find out more about how the data sheets are compiled, and what information they hold, through the FAQ page.

To gain access to the data sheets, send me a message with information about your media outlet and your use of the data sheet: