J S Bajada
If you see this man wandering the stands of your sports club, be sure to say hello.
It’s a bit of a cliché, but sports was always around in my life.  My father was the medical trainer at the local Aussie Rules football club, and my mum can remember changing me as a baby on the pool tables in the clubrooms.  Most of my earliest memories are from running around the ground, just assuming everyone was a friend.  And of, course no memory of how I got home, as I would inevitably fall asleep and rely on my parents to carry me to the car.
As an athlete, I never reached any great height – the closest I got was try-outs for state representative teams.  I enjoyed the game, and worked at my skills and knowledge of the game, but I only ever got to be a moderately-sized fish in a big pond.  Fortunately I was lucky when it came to injuries, but boredom crept into my game, and I eventually hung ’em up to give someone else the roster spot.  All this before I was 25 years old.
Life has a habit of pushing you on a different course, giving me the opportunity to learn a little about a lot of different industries.  Over a decade in IT, a few years on quality control, some time working in the tourism and amusement industry, and some work in warehouses and logistics has ended up giving me a lot of skills that help develop my career in sports management. Add that to experience with photography, social media and arena announcing, and it seems I have been working towards a life of sports for a while.  Even when I didn’t know it.
This site also shows some of my interests away from the arenas and crowds.  There is the obvious references to my tech background, and specifically tech history, as told through retro gaming and tech history.  I also have a huge passion for music, and I think a lot of people underplay the importance of music when setting the mood in sports events.