About You

You run a sports club.  It might be a minor league team, it may be amateur, it may be a “weekend warrior” set-up, or it might be all of these in one.  And you are in charge of running it.  The club is doing well, but people keep asking questions about your social media.  “Do you have Twitter?”  “Why don’t you post to Facebook?”  You have better things to do with your time than figure all that out, right?

About Me

Running social media streams can become an all-encompassing task, especially for those who don’t know how to use it or harness its power.  I can help you develop strategies that allow you keep your fans updated, without overwhelming them with information.  Create content, host events, and keep everyone in the loop with the news of your club.  No-one needs to know you don’t have a dedicated cast of thousands running your social media.

About Us

Working together, we can build a social media strategy that is easy to implement, consistent across agencies, simple to maintain and adaptable to your environment.  By working out a “persona” for your club, we build a social media environment that is true to your club, aligned with your goals and in step with your club’s personality.

Send me a message and we can get the giant social media ball rolling towards you rather than out of control and away from you.