CARG Laptop – Fusion Box

After the installation of Fedora and associated updates, it’s time to start installing DOSBox, our first application that will run the retro games we want to play.  In order to do that, we need to configure some additional software repositories (or “repo’s”) to allow access to additional software.  So let’s get into it!

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CARG Laptop – Retro Gaming Comes Cheap

After watching LGR’s video about building a retro gaming machine with other YouTubers, I saw in the background many games I fondly remembered from my youth. And seeing how other retro gamers do their thing inspired me to give it a shot as well. Because who doesn’t need another YouTuber aimlessly babbling on about days of computer past … And it’s not as if I had nothing better to do …

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Tech History – Operating Systems

A Brief History of Operating Systems

This is a look at a history of the development of operating systems, from the earliest computers to the present day. Various points of reference will be made as I recall significant things about whatever time period or operating system we are up to. But first, we need to define what operating systems are.

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Photo Post – Werribee Open Range Zoo, 2016

When I was growing up, Werribee Open Range Zoo didn’t exist.  Besides opening in 1983, it was waaaay over the other side of town, so it may as well have been on the moon to me.  Now that I am living on the western side of the city, last year I had the opportunity to see it for myself.  And I was pretty impressed by it all.

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