Sports management.  Announcer.  Photography.  Videography.


Sport has been around ever since we have been able to compare events – running, swimming, rock throwing.  Sport gives us exercise, and a means of belonging to a tribe.  It allows an individual to be a part of something greater.  There are few things in life more inspiring than what can be found on the sports fields of the world.


With a unique blend of technology, customer service and logistics experience, I can help build your team and work towards success.  While I can’t promise a championship, remember: success comes in many forms.


Beyond the playing field, I enjoy retro gaming and music, which also has ties to sport.  Looking at how games present sport can lead to inspiration for physical game presentation, and I believe many people underestimate the power of music when games take place.  For example, Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes has become a legitimate sporting anthem, and nothing builds the tension and anticipation quite like Sirius by Alan Parsons Project.


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